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Euricom Hellas

Euricom Hellas specializes in the production, processing and packaging of rice, with over 20 years of experience. Its premises are of the biggest in Europe, located in Chalastra, an area near Thessaloniki. The area around Chalastra produces the majority of rice in Greece. The daily production capability of the rice mill of the company is 500 tons.

The company started its commercial business by exporting the 100% of its production. However, in recent years through investments on packaging of rice products and more specifically on the design and production of private label products, it has managed to possess an important share of the Greek rice market, too. Today, the company dynamically continues its activities by supplying major wholesale and retail companies, both in the Greek and International market.


Our desire is to help promote Greek Rice to the world market and to offer our customers quality products directly from the Greek Land, promoting the adoption of a healthier lifestyle based on the Mediterranean diet.


Our success is based on the triptych

  • Origin We support our ancestry by harnessing the wealth of the Greek land.
  • Production We produce with strict specifications and strict quality controls.
  • Collaboration We believe in the power of harmonious cooperation and the development of long-term cooperation relationships.


Quality & Certifications

At Euricom Hellas, we greatly value quality. Quality is fully integrated to all our procedures focusing exclusively on the client’s satisfaction. More specifically:

  • We develop long term business relationships with experts in rice production
  • We use modern mechanical equipment
  • We consist of experienced and highly educated personnel
  • We capitalize on our know-how in order to keep improving
  • We implement strict quality controls to all the stages of the producing procedures
  • We support Greek production, by making good use of Greece’s natural wealth

Euricom Group

Euricom Hellas is a member of the Italian Euricom Group of Companies.

Euricom Group is a family owned group and constitutes one of the largest groups in the rice sector globally. The Group operates as a main artery to the most important supply areas. It holds 21 companies worldwide and has an actual presence on 40 countries with its own products. Meanwhile, Euricom Group does business also in the production of pasta and flour products.